264 of David Tebbutt's pre-web articles in date sequence

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7909Personal Computer WorldFirst Editorial
8004Personal Computer WorldSinclair ZX80
8005Personal Computer WorldThe 5th West Coast Computer Faire
8006Personal Computer WorldChip Chat
8010Personal Computer WorldAtari 400 & 800
8011Personal Computer WorldComputer Town UK!
8012Personal Computer WorldCRAM
8102Personal Computer WorldThe Last One
8104West Coast Computer FaireDevelopment of The Last One (paper) - British program generator
8106Personal Computer WorldFaire Fun
810601Personal Computer WorldSinclair ZX81
811101Personal Computer WorldIBM PC
811102Personal Computer WorldOsborne 01
8206Personal Computer WorldSinclair ZX Spectrum
8207Personal Computer WorldI Beg Your Pardon? - The case against computer literacy.
820901MicroScopePouring Money Down The Drain (column) - Trade advertising
821001MicroScopeBig Stick For The Hard Sell? (column) - a professional approach for PC resellers
821002MicroScopeToo Much Fast Talking (column) - professional PC selling
821101MicroScopeThe American Dream (column) - Developing a business in America
821102MicroScopeComputers Come To Town (column) - computer literacy project
821201MicroScopeMicros Can Be Habit FORMING (column)
821202MicroScopeWatching Us Watching Them (column) - Are we the creation of an alien intelligence?
830101MicroScopeYou're Never Alone With A Fluffy Micro (column) - computerised pets
830102MicroScopeIt's Never Too Early To Talk To The City (column) - financing business growth
830201MicroScopeWhere There's A Good Show (column) - Computer shows examined
830202MicroScopeThe Rising Star Of Cambridge (column) - forecasting a knighthood for Clive Sinclair
830301MicroScopeUfo Spotter's Voice On Line Three Again (column) - help desk
830302MicroScopeHow Machines Didn't Wreck My Marriage (column) - Computers get a poor press
830401MicroScopeRadio Shows Can Broaden You Mind (column)
830402MicroScopeLittle Fun At The Faire (column)
830501MicroScopeThe Software Rental Risks (column)
830502MicroScopeKeeping An Eye On The Future
830601MicroScopeMere Human Playthings (column)
830602MicroScopeLaying My Card On The Table (column)
830603MicroScopePhone Hassles I Have Known (column)
8307SoftSo You Want To Be A Software Writer?
830701MicroScopeHello! Is Anyone There?
830702MicroScopeWe Can't Just Stand Still (column)
8308SoftSo You Want To Be A Software Writer?
830801MicroScopeCloser To Our Objectives (column)
830802MicroScopeSoftware Isn't Made By Magic (column)
8309SoftSo You Want To Be A Software Writer?
830901MicroScopeAtari Removes The Mystique
830902MicroScopeHype Now While Stocks Last (column)
8310Personal Computer WorldMaster Profiles - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
831001MicroScopeDon't Write Off Adam Osborne (column)
831002MicroScopeA Touch Of The Runs (column)
831101MicroScopeDrawing The Iron Curtains (column)
831102MicroScopeChild Is Parent To The Adult? (column)
831201MicroScopeThe Paradox Of Pricing
831202MicroScopeA Matter Of Life And Death (column)
840101MicroScopeSoftware Star Is Dimly Lit (column)
840102MicroScopeBritain Must Make A Choice (column)
840201MicroScopeThe Retailing Nightmare... (column)
840202MicroScopeIn Two Minds About Micros (column)
840301MicroScopeDraw Your Own Conclusions... (column)
840302MicroScopeNailing Jelly To A Tree (column)
840401MicroScopeGood Data Going Bad (column)
840402MicroScopeLet's Organise The Grapevine
840501MicroScopeThe Worms Now Turning (column)
840502MicroScopeWho'll Form QL Queues (column)
840503MicroScopeHow Wise Is Ai Research? (column)
8406Personal Computer WorldSinclair QL
840601MicroScopeBombing Out Of Education? (column)
840602MicroScopeIs MSX Going To Take Over?
840701MicroScopeEnter The ZX Personmobile (column)
840702MicroScopeConfidence: Is It Skin Deep? (column)
840801MicroScopeWho's Stealing The Software? (column)
840802MicroScopeProtection And Your Program (column)
840901MicroScopeAdam's Tree Of Knowledge
840902MicroScopeIf A Machine Phones You... (column)
841001MicroScopePut God On Your Network (column)
841002MicroScopeIn No Rush To Get Organised
841101MicroScopeHow Gentle Is The Giant IBM? (column)
841102MicroScopeWatching Out For The Wallies (column)
841103MicroScopeA Monument Fit To Bank? (column)
8412Personal Computer WorldICL OPD
841201MicroScopeCan Icl Stay On The Desk? (column)
850101MicroScopeDo Not Adjust Your Sets... (column)
850102MicroScopeBlinded By Science? (column)
850201MicroScopeOnwards To The Laser Age (column)
850202MicroScopeThe Wisdom Of The East (column)
850301MicroScopeA Life Spoiled By Computers (column)
850302MicroScopeA Multi-User Megabrain (column)
850401MicroScopeAvoiding The Technofreaks (column)
850402MicroScopeThe Office Of The Future Still Hasn't Arrived (column)
850501MicroScopeLoneliness Of The Long-Distance Businessman (column)
8506MicroScopeThe Year That The Computer Bubble Burst (column)
8507MicroScopeThe Frills Big Boys Fail To Sell
8508MicroScopeFree For All Fight To Sell Software (column)
8509MicroScopeDespite Bad Notices, The Show Goes On (column)
8510MacUserThe Hitchhiker's Guide To The Macintosh
8510MicroScopeNice Little Software Earners (column)
8511MicroScopeThe Wisdom Of Machine Intelligence (column)
8512MicroScopeHow To Lose 1 3/4 Inches And Influence People (column)
8601MicroScopeWell, Would You Spit On An Omnibus? (column)
8602MicroScopeWhen Bugs Can Blow You To Oblivion (column)
8603MicroScopeWonderful, The Second Time Around (column)
8604MicroScopeComputers: Boon Or Bane It's Up To Us
8605MicroScopeThe IBM PC Is Dead - Long Live The AT (column)
8606MicroScopeFit To Burst With Excess Information
8607MicroScopeMany Of My Best Friends Are Micros
8608MicroScopeGiven A Magnetic Personality (column)
8609MicroScopeBoycott The Low-Cost Software Bandwagon
861101PC DealerIs this the end of the software clone?
861201PC DealerDo you know what's going on in your own company?
870101PC DealerDealers and suppliers can be partners in profit
870301PC DealerHoping Sir Clive can get it right this time.
870401PC DealerDo sinister intentions lurk behind the razzmatazz?
870501PC DealerMusings on the ancient art of winning punters
870601PC DealerHow to add value to a handle for PC dealers
870701PC DealerExhibiting stress while shows shrink in the sun
870801PC DealerWho really has to pay the price for bad systems?
870901PC DealerLamenting those glory days of the PC industry
871001PC DealerGetting to the future before it gets to us.
871101PC DealerProjecting an image from the bottom up
871201PC DealerCurious events from which everyone gains
880101PC DealerThe critical mistake of assuming too much
8802MensaFirst Person
880201PC DealerShifting morality scares off dealer loyalty
880301PC DealerIBM data landslide submerges information
8804MacUserClaris and Apple
880401PC DealerA very expensively staged waste of time
8805MacUserApple, Apple, Apple, Oi, Oi, Oi
880501PC DealerTime to fight back against US domination
8806MacUserDo Apple zealots do more harm than good?
880601PC DealerSoftware flotilla charts a collision course
8807MacUserIs Apple's outlook 'GRIM'?
880701PC DealerIBM's trade-in to spur on PC Arthur Daleys
880702PC DealerSpeaking out: a chip off the old Intel block
8808MacUserWill Ted Nelson's Xanadu become a legend?
880801PC DealerKeep afloat but don't drown the customer
880802PC DealerSugar's US bid holds key to PS/2 mystery
8809MacUserIs Apple growing up at last?
880901PC DealerVARs do the business at the PC Show
8810MacUserThe soul of the Macintosh
881001PC DealerCompaq ties up strands of laptop evolution
881002PC DealerAvoid the wealth pit in the brave new world
8811MacUserHypercard 0: Paper 1
8812MacUserWill we let expert systems into our lives?
8901MacUserThe Macintosh GUI is a shadow of what it could be
890101PC DealerBig Blue turns green to achieve a balance
8902MacUserMultimedia and Groupware - takeaways from MacWorld Boston
8902Personal Computer WorldChanging Rooms
890201PC DealerPut tailored applications on the Agenda
8903MacUserApple leaps, and Wallaby hops, into portable computers
8903MensaHow Clever Are Today's Computers?
8903Personal Computer WorldSmalltalk: big think
890301PC DealerClients tied up in a comms nightmare
8904MacUserThe computer's my best friend
890401PC DealerGet into the black with green profits
8905MacUserNicholas Negroponte on the computer as a theatrical experience
8905MensaDream Becomes Reality (now the Internet)
890501PC DealerKnitworking clients seek integrators
8906MacUserWhaddya want, a Beemer or a Ford?
890601PC DealerExpert systems present a moral maze
8907MacUserMultimedia developers beware, we want quality not quantity
8907MensaThe Personal Touch
890701PC DealerApple philosophy is an Oasis for users
8908MacUserMoving to the Mac, a one-way street
890801PC DealerHype the multimedia of the future
8909MacUserHigh speed digital communications could transform the travel industry
8909MensaName Of The Game
890901PC DealerThe profit and loss of customer care
8910MacUserMusic royalties are the foot on the hosepipe of multimedia
8910Personal Computer WorldWeb
891001PC DealerA posing IBM kicks sand in Eisa face
8911MacUserA multimedia shambles - the industry has a lot to learn
8911MensaMulti Media Systems
891101PC DealerIBM strategy seeks to scupper Eisa
8912MacUserNew Macintoshes? In your dreams, Tebbo.
9001MensaIt's A Steal - software theft
9003The DirectorStrike It Rich
900401MacUserMacintosh brings happiness to even the dullest life
900402MacUserWhy Apple shouldn't fear Windows 3.0
9005The DirectorHalf A Wit
900501MacUserFight back: buy productivity software but don't tell the boss
900503MacUserMultimedia futures and how NY police are using it today
900601MacUserCould CD-ROMs deny future generations access to our knowledge?
900602MacUserInformation exchange between different systems is key to our future
900603MacUserComputers as confidantes
900701MacUserAppleLink, warts and all
900703MacUserClever technology doesn't relieve you of responsibility
900801MacUserCD-ROMs could transform the buying experience
900802MacUserIs Apple UK insulating itself from its customers?
9009The DirectorWindows To The World
900901MacUserPublic airing of your multimedia compositions could land you in hot water
900902MacUserThe last flushing of the Apple old guard?
901001MacUserDon't let your mask slip if advocating Apple in business
901002MacUserMicrosoft's mess doesn't mean Apple can be complacent
9011StrategyStrategy's columnists debate the pros and cons of current issues.
901101MacUserLet's hope General Magic learns from ABC
901102MacUserIf virus writers think you're worth attacking, they will. Be warned.
9012StrategyElectronic Mail
901201MacUserWill Macintosh become the Concorde of the computer world?
901202MacUserOpen, flatter companies, especially those with Macs, will boom
9101The DirectorAiming To Serve
910101MacUserUse your Mac to make your customers love you
910101StrategyRefurbishing the Bar
910102StrategyValue Added Reseller
910201MacUserMacUser thrives thanks to the quality of its readers
910202MacUserDespite my affection for the Mac, I've got a new travelling companion
9103MensaLove Of My Life - Toshiba laptop
910301MacUserThe Mac/Windows war turned out to Microsoft's advantage
910302MacUserWhat kind of warriors will computer games create?
910401MacUserApple's talented researchers investigate the blindingly obvious
910402MacUserThe manual and technical support are as important as the product
910501MacUserA new business model to make Apple resellers and customers happy?
910502MacUserWill System 7 herald the end of clunky dinosaur programs?
9106Computer BuyerAs Rare As Hens' Teeth (column) - buying used computers
910601MacUserApple's going green, it says here
910602MacUserApple needs to target its cuts to maximise customer goodwill
910603MacUserMac or PC? I like both. True.
9107Computer BuyerOverfed Software Swells Pc Appetites (column) - bloatware
910701MacUserApple drops hardware. Or does it?
910702MacUserQuickTime promises movies for all, before long
9108Computer BuyerGoing Hunting For Currants (column) - benefits of Macintosh
910801MacUserIs ClarisWorks the right thing to be doing at the moment?
910802MacUserApple in bed with IBM. Whatever next?
9109Computer BuyerTebbutt On ROSS On DOS (column) - DOS 5.0 launch
910901MacUserA peek inside Apple's Advanced Technology Group
910903MacUserDo you want a nagging Mac?
910904MacUserYour Mac can help you deliver on time, to standard and within budget
9110Computer BuyerBattles Of Raging High And Low (column) - networking benefits
911001MacUserApple's Human Interface Research
911002MacUserDreaming of a faster future
911003MacUserDistracting, frothy and addictive
9111MensaThe Big Apple - Inside Apple's research labs
9111Computer BuyerThe Magic Is All In The Mix (column) - component software
911101MacUserEvidence of Apple's environmental intentions
911102MacUserThe prospects for the IBM/Apple betrothal
911103MacUserApple's human interface research - speech recognition
911104MacUserApple's human interface research - video tools
911105MacUserApple's human interface research - a new user interface?
911106MacUserAre you in breach of the Data Protection Act?
911201MacUserGetting some stuff off my chest
9200MensaGood Knight?
9201Computer BuyerFace-Lift For An Old Friend (column) - Counterpoint, a Windows alternative
9202Computer BuyerThe Proudest Of Them All (column) - Microsoft getting arrogant
920201MacUserSpreading power to the marginalised in South Africa
920202MacUserWhy should the customer pay for hanging on the phone?
9203Computer BuyerDiary Of A Laptop Computer (column) - mobile computing
920301MacUserApple's triumph at an IBM show
920302MacUserAll the information you need, when you need it
9204Computer BuyerKeeping Up With The Jones' (column) - RPL, a face-lift for DOS
920401MacUserIs Apple selling its soul to win business customers?
920402MacUserHave we become slaves to computer systems?
9205Computer BuyerRoom For Improvement (column) - 'Intel Inside' advertising campaign
920501MacUserWill collaborative tools transform corporate productivity?
920502MacUserTime to bomb educational software prices
9206Computer BuyerA Medium For The Message (column) - international communications (now the Internet)
920601MacUserComputer stimulated creativity
9207Computer BuyerMind Without Matter (column) - Computers making our brains atrophy
9208Computer BuyerWhat's In A Name? (column) - Leaders abandon premium pricing
9209Computer BuyerEvery Second Counts (column) - games impair life skills
9301MensaApple Bytes Back
9302Personal Computer WorldEO Personal Communicator
93031The DirectorNetworking Or Not Working (case studies)
93032The DirectorNotebook Computers - pluses and minuses
93033The DirectorNew Technology: Opportunities And Challenges
950201PC ProInput Technology Under Development Looks Set To Exterminate The Mouse.
9503The DirectorMarching Unstoppably Down The New Highway (column) - Internet
96041The DirectorHow To Tell Your Own Fortune