First Editorial

Written by David Tebbutt, Personal Computer World 09/79 - scanned

One of the hallmarks of PCW has always been the lively participation of its readers. You are out there doing interesting things, developing new software and hardware devices, setting up clubs and societies - perhaps even getting concerned about the likely implications of the coming technological revolution.

Where better to broadcast and share the wealth of your knowledge, ideas and experiences than in the pages of a respected and widely distributed journal? If you are concerned about style of presentation - read our `guidelines for contributors', if you are unsure about content - there are very few restrictions. Obviously, though, an unusual or radical contribution has more chance of being published than, say, yet another program for `Mastermind'.

We'd be particularly interested to hear from people who have installed a personal computer in their own business, from people who have hooked-up something unusual - perhaps through an analogue interface (but, please, no more analogue to digital converters), from people who wish to `soapbox' their views and from people still at school or college. Also, if you want to tell us something but prefer not to go into print - fine. Just write in anyway because we'd love to hear your views, good or bad. Remember, this is very much your magazine and its future direction should, and will, reflect the views and desires of its readership. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Editor