Written by David Tebbutt, Personal Computer World 06/80 - scanned

Chris (``Spangles'' to all you early Radio Caroline aficionados) Cary of the Comp Shop disclosed recently how his outfit came to be labelled ``The New Barnet Mafia''; apparently he knows the power of real money and pays on the spot for whatever he buys, using a currency known among desperados as ``the suitcase''...Sinclair simulation time! On your marks Uncle Clive, for on your tail are rumoured to be a clutch of ZX80 imitators. But I wonder how they'll fare getting hold of ROMs and TTLs?...Better early than on time, or so think the PR boys at Commodore. The new ``Superpet'' has just been heavily pre-announced at the Hanover Fair, even though the real date of launch (UK anyway) is to be June 14; apparently it's de rigeur to announce such things at Hanover...Word reaches me that Naseom is being ever so careful to deny that (a) a price-hike is on the way and (b) their machines are selling like crazy; dealers are lookin' far too happy as they shake their heads. . . Surely misoverheard by our own pet ferret - Curry's Derek ``Mr Suds'' Moon uttering something along the lines that you can't believe what you read in the mags because the editorial's all been bought. Also it sounds like there may be a few hiccups with ``The Curry's Promise''? (equipment/expertise over the high street counter, up and down the land): only Suds really knows the score - and he's not telling. Oh well, there's always washing machines!. . . Well I never: word has it that during the Great Byte Shop Trauma of some months back, Robin Wood of Isherwoods actually entered a bid. It's said it was ex-Computer Weekly Micro News Editor Martin Banks, who dissuaded him from such megolamaniac dreams. . . (giggle of the month: remember the offer of a fiver to the first person to tell us who wrote the BASIC for the Sinclair ZX80 (Uncle Clive was keeping schtum)? Well we received the following phone call: (little voice) ``Hello? I can tell you who wrote the BASIC for the ZX80''. ``Can you indeed,'' replied Dave Tebbutt, ``who was it?'' ``John Grant,'' piped the reply. ``Very interesting,'' replied Dave and, more suspiciously, ``how old are you?'' ``Ten''. ``And what's your name?'' ``Crispin Sinclair ''! ! ! ``Does your dad know you're ringing?'' ``Well, no - I thought I'd ring to claim the fiver before he did''. Watch it Clive, you're raising your own takeover bid!