David Tebbutt

is a media skills trainer, a writer (ghost/regular) and a closet techie


David has trained thousands of people in how to handle the awkward squad - mainly print and online journalists. He's also happy collaborating with PR firms and giving guest sessions and practice interviews within their media training workshops. (Client list)

It's hard to decide how best to describe oneself so I asked some clients to tell me what adjectives spring to mind when they think of my training. The responses below come from course delegates and PR clients.

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David's highly readable copy appears in many publications, but not always in his name. He enjoys turning the ideas of busy leaders into articles they can publish. He enjoys nothing more than rendering complex topics comprehensible.

The quotes below were unsolicited. A client posted the first on Facebook. And a client's PR firm posted the second on Skype. As ghost-writing is a secretive occupation, I can't reveal their names. Sorry.

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I live and work in the western reaches of Greater London. Visits by appointment, please.

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Alison O'Leary grills me on business writing & press handling (YouTube)
24 questions to ask yourself, plus George Orwell's six (pdf)
How to handle the media - an interactive memory jogger
★ Style Guides: Oxford University; BBC (pdf); Government Digital Service
The Inverted Pyramid of Writing from the Air Force Departmental Publishing Office (AFDPO)


Writing Tools, by Roy Peter Clark (Amazon)
Essential English, by Harold Evans (Amazon)
Grammar & Style, by Michael Dummett (Amazon)
Writing that Works, by Kenneth Roman & Joel Raphaelson (Amazon)
★ Margaret Ashworth, Style Matters - a terrific online ‘book’ for anyone who has to sub-edit copy.


★ George Orwell, Why I write
★ Felix Dennis, on Journalism or Churnalism? (pdf)
★ Tom Foremski, When every company is a media company....


The online readability checker
Reading Ease settings in Word and Outlook
Search my pre-web PC & business articles (1979-1995)