About David Tebbutt

Writing and editing

In 1979, David became technical editor, then editor, of Personal Computer World. Two years later, he left to start a software company. He also became an editorial consultant to several magazines and continued to write features and columns (for which he won a hat-trick of prestigious awards.)
He started writing about environmental matters in 2003 and social media in 2004. In 2011/12, he was launch editor of Blue & Green Tomorrow. Eventually, he realised how much he loved the freelance life. Now, he writes and edits for organisations and publications he believes in.
Descriptions of some of his environmental and technical mini-books.

Training and consulting

David has been running media skills and advisory workshops since 1988, following nine years as an editor and journalist. He started running business writing workshops more recently in recognition of the need for organisations to reach out to their stakeholders directly, as well as through other influencers.
He was taught to teach as part of a two-year spell as a management skills trainer at ICL (now Fujitsu) towards the end of his otherwise conventional computing career (programmer, analyst, project manager, IT manager and director of two software companies). He is a co-founder of influence consultants epocselet.