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David Tebbutt's pre-web partial archive

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Please forgive any typos, I used optical character recognition to recover many of the articles.

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You can search for some of the (mainly) columns and articles I wrote between 1979 and 1995 in:

1979-1993  Personal Computer World (21 items)

1981  West Coast Computer Faire talk (1 item)

1982-1986  MicroScope (82 items)

1983  Soft (3 items)

1986-1989  PC Dealer (37 items)

1988-1990  Mensa Magazine (11 items)

1990-1992  MacUser (80 items)

1990-1996  Director (9 items)

1990-1991  Strategy (4 items)

1991-1992  Computer Buyer (15 items)

1995  PC Pro (1 item)

The destination URLs contain an abbreviated magazine name e.g.PD = PC Dealer then YYMM and, possibly a number if I wrote more than one article for the same publication during the month.

CB9106 CB9107 CB9108 CB9109 CB9110 CB9111 CB9201 CB9202 CB9203 CB9204 CB9205 CB9206 CB9207 CB9208 CB9209 DI9003 DI9005 DI9009 DI9101 DI93031 DI93032 DI93033 DI9503 di9604 ME0001 ME0002 ME9301 ME8802 ME8903 ME8905 ME8907 ME8909 ME8911 ME9001 ME9103 MS820901 MS821001 MS821002 MS821101 MS821102 MS821201 MS821202 MS830101 MS830102 MS830201 MS830202 MS830301 MS830302 MS830401 MS830402 MS830501 MS830502 MS830601 MS830602 MS830603 MS830701 MS830702 MS830801 MS830802 MS830901 MS830902 MS831001 MS831002 MS831101 MS831102 MS831201 MS831202 MS840101 MS840102 MS840201 MS840202 MS840301 MS840302 MS840401 MS840402 MS840501 MS840502 MS840503 MS840601 MS840602 MS840701 MS840702 MS840801 MS840802 MS840901 MS840902 MS841001 MS841002 MS841101 MS841102 MS841103 MS841201 MS850101 MS850102 MS850201 MS850202 MS850301 MS850302 MS850401 MS850402 MS850501 MS8506 MS8507 MS850801 MS850802 MS850902 MS8510 MS8511 MS8512 MS8601 MS8602 MS8603 MS8604 MS8605 MS8606 MS8607 MS8608 MS8609 MU2 MU36 MU37 MU38 MU39 MU40 MU41 MU42 MU43 MU44 MU45 MU47 MU48 MU49 MU50 MU51 MU52 MU54 MU55 MU56 MU57 MU58 MU900401 MU900402 MU900501 MU900503 MU900601 MU900602 MU900603 MU900701 MU900703 MU900801 MU900802 MU900901 MU900902 MU901001 MU901002 MU901101 MU901102 MU901201 MU901202 MU910101 MU910201 MU910202 MU910301 MU910302 MU910401 MU910402 MU910501 MU910502 MU910601 MU910602 MU910603 MU910701 MU910702 MU910801 MU910802 MU910901 MU910903 MU910904 MU911001 MU911002 MU911003 MU911101 MU911102 MU911103 MU911104 MU911105 MU911106 MU911201 MU920101 MU920201 MU920202 MU920301 MU920302 MU920401 MU920402 MU920501 MU920502 MU920601 PD861101 PD861201 PD870101 PD870301 PD870401 PD870501 PD870601 PD870701 PD870801 PD870901 PD871001 PD871101 PD871201 PD880101 PD880201 PD880301 PD880401 PD880501 PD880601 PD880701 PD880702 PD880801 PD880802 PD880901 PD881001 PD881002 PD890101 PD890201 PD890301 PD890401 PD890501 PD890601 PD890701 PD890801 PD890901 PD891001 PD891101 PP950201 PW7909 PW8004 PW8005 PW8006 PW8010 PW8011 PW8012 PW8102 PW8106 PW810601 PW811102 PW811102 PW8206 PW8207 PW8310 PW8406 PW8412 PW8902 PW8903 PW8910 PW9302 SM9011 SM9012 SM910101 SM910102 SO8307 SO8308 SO8309 WF8104